Introduction to the Benin 90 day Multiple Entry eVisa

For those looking to dive deep into what Benin has to offer or who need the flexibility for frequent travel, the 90-Day Multiple Entry E-Visa is an excellent choice. Its online application process is easy to follow, and approval comes quickly, making your travel plans smoother.

Ensure you're clear on all the requirements and follow them closely to ensure a hassle-free experience while exploring Benin. Here on this page, you can find everything you need to know about the Benin Visa:

What is Benin's multiple-entry E-visa (90 days)?

The Benin Multiple Entry Visa (90 days) is an electronic travel authorisation, also known as an eVisa, that allows travellers to enter and exit Benin multiple times within a 90-day validity period from the date of first entry. This visa caters to travellers who:

  • Plan multiple trips to Benin within a 90-day period: This flexibility is ideal for exploring different regions, revisiting captivating locations, or making side trips to neighbouring countries.
  • Deserve an extended stay: Compared to other visa options, the 90-day validity period offers more time to delve into Benin's cultural treasures, historical sites, and breathtaking natural landscapes.

What are the eligibility requirements for a Benin Multiple Entry E-Visa(90 days)?

Before starting, it's essential to verify that you meet the qualifications set by the Benin E-Visa system. Ensure you have the following eligibility and Requirements Benin E-Visa:


The Benin 90-Day Multiple Entry E-Visa is only available to some nationalities. Before applying, it's crucial to confirm your eligibility. The most recent list of nations that qualify can be found on the Benin E-Visa website.

General Requirements:

Assuming you are a citizen of an eligible country, here are the general requirements for applying for the Benin 90-Day Multiple Entry E-Visa:


  • Passport validity: At least 6 months must pass between the date of your intended entry into Benin and your passport's expiration. Ensure it has sufficient blank pages for entry stamps.

Additional Requirements:

  • Passport scan: You will need a clear copy of your passport's biographical page.
  • Proof of yellow fever vaccination: you have to submit a valid vaccination certificate from a recognised health authority.
  • Travel health insurance: While not always mandatory, purchasing travel health insurance is highly recommended for unforeseen medical emergencies during your trip.
  • Payment: You must pay the eVisa application fee using a valid credit card with 3D secure authentication.

Travel Information:

  • Travel dates: Provide your arrival and departure dates for your trip to Benin.
  • Accommodation details: Provide the name and address of your planned accommodation in Benin.

Personal Information:

  • Complete your full name, date of birth, nationality, and contact information accurately and consistently with your passport details.
  • Passport-sized photo: A recent passport-sized photograph meeting specific size and format requirements.

Purpose of Obtaining a Benin Multiple Entry E-Visa

There are several purposes for which an individual can obtain a Benin Multiple Entry E-Visa; if you want, you can find all the reasons(purpose of visit) on our Benin E-Visa webpage. Let's discuss some of the common reasons to take a Benin Multiple Entry E-Visa:

  • Business Ventures: Ideal for entrepreneurs and business professionals looking to engage in meetings, contract negotiations, or explore new business opportunities within Benin.
  • Conferences and Trade Shows: These are tailored for attendees of conferences, seminars, or trade fairs happening in Benin, offering a seamless entry process.
  • Academic Pursuits: Students and researchers heading to Benin for educational programs or research activities will find this visa aligns with their needs.
  • Tourism: Perfect for tourists aiming to explore Benin's scenic beauty, cultural richness, and heritage sites.
  • Family Visits: Designed for individuals planning to visit family members living in Benin, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience.
  • Medical Treatment: If seeking medical care in Benin, this visa provides the necessary authorisation for entry.
  • Official Delegations: Government or international organisation representatives on official missions to Benin can utilise this visa for their travels.
  • Sports Events: Athletes and sports enthusiasts attending or participating in sports competitions in Benin will benefit from this visa option.
  • Transit: A practical choice for travellers passing through Benin en route to another destination.
  • Other Purposes: Applicants can specify their unique travel purpose in the visa application's comments section for reasons not listed, ensuring all travellers' needs are met.

Applying for the Benin 90-Day Multiple Entry E-Visa: A Step-by-Step Process

The Benin 90-Day Multiple Entry eVisa offers a convenient way to explore the vibrant nation of Benin with its rich history, captivating landscapes, and diverse culture. Here's a step-by-step guide to navigating the application process:

  • Eligibility Check: Ensure you're from a country eligible for the Benin 90-Day Multiple Entry E-Visa by checking on the Benin E-Visa website.
  • Application Initiation:
    • Go to the Benin E-Visa website.
    • Click "Benin E-Visa application form" and enter your email, passport number, and expiry date.
    • Submit to receive a confirmation email. Click the link to start filling out the form.
  • Online Form Completion:
    • Fill in personal, travel, and passport details accurately.
    • Upload the necessary documents as mentioned above.
    • Review the information and submit it.
  • Payment:
    • Click "Confirm and Pay" and proceed to the payment platform.
    • Pay the E-Visa fee with a debit or credit card.
  • Application Tracking:
    • Track your application status on the E-Visa website with the application number associated with the confirmation email.
    • Receive your E-Visa by Email.

Processing Times and Fees for Benin Multiple Entry E-Visa(90 days)

The standard processing time for the Benin 90-Day Multiple Entry E-Visa is 1-2 business days. However, Urgent/Super Urgent processing options are available for an additional fee, potentially reducing processing times to 6-12 hours and 1-6 hours, respectively.

Available Processing time for Benin:

  • Standard Processing time
  • Urgent Processing time
  • Super Urgent Processing

The Benin E-Visa fee can vary depending on the chosen processing time and is subject to change.

Here, you can directly check your E-Visa Application Fee with the help of our Fee tool. Just put your country of origin and the country you want to visit, and that's it.


How can I renew my Benin Multiple Entrty E-Visa?

Unfortunately, renewing or extending a Benin 90-day Multiple Entry eVisa within Benin is impossible. This means you cannot extend your existing eVisa after entering the country.

Alternative Options for Extending Your Stay:

However, if you require a longer stay than the 90-day eVisa allows, here are alternative options to consider:

  • Apply for a New Multiple Entry Visa: You can apply for a new multiple entry visa with a longer validity period before your current eVisa expires. This requires submitting a fresh application, paying visa fees again, and meeting all eligibility requirements.
  • Switch to a Long-Term Visa: If you plan a significantly longer stay in Benin, explore long-term visa options like business visas or residence permits. These options typically involve more complex application processes, additional documents, and potentially higher fees.

Unveiling the Pros and Cons of the Benin 90-Day Multiple Entry E-Visa

Dreaming of an extended exploration of Benin's captivating landscapes, rich history, and diverse culture? The 90-Day Multiple Entry eVisa might be your key to unlocking this vibrant nation. However, understanding its advantages and limitations is crucial for a seamless travel experience before embarking on your journey.

Unveiling the Advantages of Benin Multiple Entry Visa:

  • Multiple Entries: This eVisa allows you to make numerous trips to Benin within 90 days. This is ideal for revisiting captivating locations, exploring neighbouring countries, or planning extended stays with breaks in between.
  • Extended Stay: Compared to other visa options, the 90-day validity period offers more time to delve into Benin's cultural treasures, historical sites, and breathtaking natural landscapes, allowing you to craft a fulfilling travel experience.
  • Simplified Process: Ditch the hassle of traditional applications! The entire process is conducted online, saving you time and effort compared to embassy visits. Submit your application from your home, avoiding long queues and unnecessary paperwork.
  • Faster Processing: Get approved quickly! Applications are generally processed within 3 business days on average, allowing you to focus on planning your dream Benin adventure without delays.

Understanding the Limitations of Benin Multiple Entry Visa:

  • Validity and Duration: The total stay granted by the eVisa is limited to 90 days. If you plan a stay exceeding this duration, explore alternative visa options to avoid complications.
  • Multiple Entries with Limits: While the eVisa allows you to re-enter Benin various times, the total stay still exceeds the 90-day limit within 180 days. It is important to consider if you plan frequent entries and extended stays within Benin.
  • Limited Availability: Not everyone can utilise the eVisa! The eligibility is currently restricted to citizens of specific countries. Before applying, ensure your nationality is included in the list of eligible countries to avoid disappointment.
  • Online Application Only: The application process is entirely online, offering convenience, but it might only be suitable for some. If you prefer in-person applications or require assistance, there might be better options than the eVisa.

Processing Time: Although generally quick, unforeseen delays or issues, such as missing information or discrepancies, can extend processing times. To avoid last-minute hurdles, apply well before your planned travel dates, allowing ample time for processing.

Frequently asked questions

Tourist visas for Benin include 30-day single-entry visas, 30-day multiple-entry visas and 90-day multiple-entry visas. Suppose you are travelling to Benin for a short period. In that case, getting a 30-day multiple-entry visa is recommended if you decide to detour to neighbouring countries like Nigeria, Ghana or Togo.

A multiple-entry visa, also known as a two-entry visa, allows for more than two entries while the visa is valid. "02" or "MULT" under the heading "Number of entries" on the visa sticker indicates this.

Yes, they do. All foreign nationals, regardless of age, need a valid passport and e-visa to enter the Republic of Benin.

Once approved, you will receive the visa electronically. Print out a copy of the authorised visa to give at immigration upon arrival in Benin. Remember, it's always recommended to consult the Benin visa website or a trusted visa agency for the latest information and any specific requirements that may apply to your situation.

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