Benin e-visa Fee & Processing Time

The Benin eVisa is an affordable, easy way for qualified visitors to obtain entry permission, typically cheaper and processed within 72 hours. Applicants should apply early to avoid delays. The non-refundable fees can be paid online. Multiple eVisa types are available, with varying costs and potential extra charges for additional services. It's a practical, cost-effective travel authorisation method, but it's crucial to thoroughly check all requirements and fees for a successful application.

Benin E-Visa Options Overview

Explore Benin your way with three distinct e-Visa options tailored to travel preferences and durations. Find your perfect match for an unforgettable journey.

  • 30-Day Single Entry E-Visa
    • Validity: 30 days from arrival
    • Entry: Single
    • Ideal for: Short visits focusing on Benin's cultural and historical highlights.
  • 30-Day Multiple Entry E-Visa
    • Validity: 30 days
    • Entry: Multiple within the validity period
    • Best suited for travellers needing flexibility for extended stays or planning to explore neighbouring countries with re-entries into Benin.
  • 90-Day Multiple Entry E-Visa
    • Validity: 90 days
    • Entry: Multiple
  • Perfect for: Longer, in-depth exploration of Benin's landscapes and culture or those making frequent trips between Benin and surrounding nations.

Benin eVisa Fee Structure

Benin eVisa fees vary by visa type and applicant nationality and are typically lower than traditional visa costs, appealing to travellers. Credit or debit cards are used for online payments; however, there will only be reimbursement if the application is accepted. 

Ensure you meet all application requirements before submitting. Verify current eVisa fees online, accounting for additional costs such as insurance and health certificates. Understanding the complete fee structure and application requirements is essential to preventing application issues.

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What is the Government Fee?

The Benin government levied this compulsory charge for processing an eVisa application.

  • Variability: The amount varies based on the visa type (e.g., tourist, business, transit) and the applicant's nationality. This ensures that the fee structure accommodates different processing requirements and bilateral agreements.
  • Exclusivity: It's important to note that this fee is distinct from any other charges, specifically those related to service or payment processing.

What is a Service Fee?

Third-party eVisa service providers impose this fee for handling, processing, and submitting the eVisa application on the applicant's behalf.

  • Variability: The cost can differ significantly across various service providers and is influenced by the visa type and the applicant's nationality. This fee reflects the convenience, support, and expertise the service provider offers.
  • Range: Typically, service fees can cost a few dollars, a spectrum that underscores the diverse service levels and processing speeds available to applicants.

Key Considerations:

  • Separate Charges: The service fee is in addition to the government fee and any payment gateway charges, underlining the layered cost structure of obtaining an eVisa.
  • Comparison and Choice: Applicants should compare service fees across different providers, considering their unique needs and budget constraints. This ensures a choice that best matches their preferences and financial plan.
  • Awareness and Preparedness: Before submission, a thorough review of the total fee (government + service fees) is recommended to prevent unforeseen expenses and ensure a smooth application process.

Payment Methods for Benin eVisa

The payment methods for the Benin eVisa may vary depending on the eVisa service provider the applicant uses. However, most eVisa service providers offer multiple payment options to make the process more convenient for applicants.

Some of the standard payment methods for the Benin eVisa include:

  • Credit or Debit Card: This is one of the most common payment methods Benin eVisa accepts. Applicants can usually use a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card to pay for their eVisa application.
  • PayPal: Some eVisa service providers may accept PayPal as a payment method. This is a popular option for applicants who prefer to use PayPal for online transactions.
  • Bank Transfer: In some cases, applicants may be able to pay for their Benin eVisa through a bank transfer. This method is usually slower than other payment methods and may take several days to process the payment.

Note that some eVisa service providers might add extra fees for specific payment methods. Before applying, review the provider's fee structure and payment options to select the most convenient and economical choice.

Processing Time for Benin eVisa

When planning a trip that requires a Benin E-visa, understanding the available processing options and associated fees is crucial for a timely and smooth application process. Here's an in-depth look at the processing times and fees for obtaining your Benin E-visa:

Processing Options:

Applicants have three processing speeds to choose from, each catering to different urgency levels and budget considerations.

  • Standard Processing
    • Timeframe: The standard processing time for a Benin E-visa is between 1-2 working days. This option is ideal for travellers who are planning ahead and have flexible travel schedules.
    • Fees: There are no additional charges for the standard processing option, making it the most cost-effective choice for applicants who are not pressed for time.
  • Urgent Processing
    • Timeframe: For those needing their visa more swiftly, the urgent processing option reduces the wait to just 6-12 hours. This expedited service is perfect for last-minute travels or those with imminent departure dates.
    • Fees: Choosing this faster processing time incurs extra charges on top of the standard E-visa fee. These fees are for expedited service, ensuring your application is prioritised.
  • Super Urgent Processing
    • Timeframe: The fastest processing option available is the super urgent processing, which guarantees processing times of 1-6 hours. This premium service is designed for emergency travel situations where time is of the essence.
    • Fees: As expected, the super urgent processing comes with additional charges, reflecting the speed and priority given to these visa applications.

Considerations During Peak Seasons:

It's essential to remember that during busy travel seasons, processing times for all options may be extended due to the high volume of applications. Applicants should account for this when planning their travel and visa application timeline.

Factors Affecting Processing Time of Benin eVisa

The processing time for a Benin eVisa can vary due to several critical factors:

  • Application Accuracy: Incomplete or erroneous applications can significantly delay processing or lead to rejection.
  • Visa Type: Different visa types may have varying processing times due to extra security checks or documentation needs.
  • Application Volume: High volumes of applications, especially during peak travel seasons, can extend processing times.
  • Applicant Nationality: Certain nationalities might require additional security verifications, affecting processing duration.

Applicants should thoroughly check the eVisa requirements and processing timelines, ensuring all documentation and payments are correct to minimise delays.

Benin Visa Extension

Extensions for a stay in Benin may be possible with a 30-day eVisa but are unlikely for 90-day visas. To apply for an extension, you must visit Benin's immigration office in person, as online applications are unavailable. You'll need a valid reason for the extension, which is granted based on immigration authority discretion. This process applies regardless of your residency status in Benin.

Benin visa-free (visa exemption)

Citizens from 61 countries and territories, including all African countries, Haiti, Indonesia, Israel, and Macau, can enter Benin without a visa. Hong Kong and Singapore citizens can visit for up to 14 days. Chinese nationals on official duty can stay for up to 90 days. A visa waiver agreement with Venezuela is pending implementation.

Diplomatic or official/service passport holders from Brazil, China, Cuba, France, India, Iran (up to 1 month), Italy, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, Switzerland, and Turkey are exempt from needing a visa.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, multiple-entry visas generally cost more than single-entry visas.

No, the e-visa cost is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the application.

Applying at least 72 hours before your intended travel date is recommended.

Yes, visa fees can vary based on the applicant's nationality.

If your Benin e-visa is processed outside the standard timeframe, it's recommended that you contact the e-visa processing centre or Benin's immigration authority for updates. Delays can occur due to high application volumes or additional document verification. Keep your application details handy for quick reference during inquiries.

There may be additional service fees, depending on the application platform used.

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